Christopher Jon Laubach was born on February 6, 1971 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  He became interested in longrifles at the age of 16, when he built his first rifle with the aid of his father, Jon Laubach, Journeyman Gunsmith for Colonial Williamsburg.  Chris has also worked closely with Wallace Gusler, former Master Gunsmith and Curator of Firearms at Colonial Williamsburg, as well as Gary Brumfield, Gusler’s successor as CW’s Master Gunsmith.  Chris continued building rifles with his father until moving to Pennsylvania at the age of 25.  He now resides in Lancaster, Pa. with his wife and two children.


 Chris has always been interested in creating historically accurate rifles, not copies, and has been building longrifles as an avocation for over 19 years.    He enjoys researching 18th century gunsmiths and examining and researching period arms and tools.  In addition to longrifles, he makes other hunting accoutrements such as powder horns and knives -- forge-welding Damascus for the blades--as well as locks and hardware.  Every July for the past 23 years, Chris and his father have demonstrated barrel forging at Dixon’s Gun Makers Fair.